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A picture of Rod, Jane and Freddy dancing and singing from their eponymous television show

On this site you will find over 70 (yes, seventy!) original Rod, Jane and Freddy songs. These aren't clips, each song is presented in it's entirety. They are all in mp3 format so you will need an mp3 player to play them. There are plenty available on the web but if you don't want to go searching, one of my favourite players can be downloaded at

These songs were recorded during the mid to late 1980's, when the band were at their creative peak. There are also a number of guest appearances by members of the Rainbow cast.

Also, exclusive to this site are two rare songs by 'Telltale', the original music group on Rainbow.
Download the songs by Telltale here.


Update! 22/12/06 Now you can listen to the songs of Rod, Jane & Freddy direct from this web page, thanks to this fantastic mp3 player from! Of course you can still download them all from the download page.


Update! 11/10/06 Another fantastic album has been rescued from the pages of history and is now available for the whole world to download. This 1980 album is called 'Rainbow Songtime' and features Rod, Jane and Roger Walker. Thanks to Tracey for providing the files! Rainbow Songtime


Many thanks to Michael Smillie for providing us with these songs from the Rainbow album by Rod, Jane and Matthew Corbett. The files are quite large but worth the download. This album is a classic! Download the album here.

A picture of Rod, Jane and Freddy chatting. Rod is holding some bongos and talking to Jane who is getting ready to play a snare drum. Freddy is listening.

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